We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. StarOfService has a consumer rating of 1. StarOfService ranks 64th among Local Reviews sites. Females Best masaage expert for females. It's a scam. They took our money in their credit form and turned it to zero when they changed their plat form. We asked for it back they said too bad. We're considering bringing these online platforms to Go Public.

So these so called projects website are a bunch of scammers. We tried a few already and none of them had real clients. The people who work here should be ashamed of themselves. Functionally useless, promise breaking, money grabbing and time sapping scam. I can't forgive, I won't forget. Tip for consumers: Leads are useless, and expensive. I thought the StarOfService are supposed to be a middleman between the client and the professional - check this out bring business and charge percentage.

Instead of acting as a middleman they work as a conman - making money by promising business! It's a shameful scheme! As you can see from the attached payments they charge you for giving you number of a client who act suspiciously unprofessional - postponing infinitely the job our informing you that he has already hired a professional.

In star of service australia cases they have your number to a client who again simply ausfralia you to tell you the same. In all the cases the SoS star of service australia your money with star of service australia regret and refund offered! It's a situation that made me to completely lost confidence in the StartOfService services!

SAS will charge you for almost any customer request, without your approval, and even if you deactivate your services - they will automatically reactivate your services and charge you for the next customer to force money out of you at any price. Trust level: 0 stars, but 1 is the minimum free mobile casino no deposit bonus australia. I've deleted my account since it is the only way out of their endless automated abuse to my wallet.

Make sure you either don't join SAS in the first place, or delete your account before they suck your wallet dry. Free spins fair go casino used this service as a professional, not as a client. I asked customer service about this practice and replied with "If you receive a message from the customer, If the customer consults your phone number to contact you, If you consult the customer's phone number, If you use the platform servcie, when the customer has not contacted any professional, we send his number to the professional who sent his quote first.

These coordinates are austrakia. Beware of this scam! You will get charged for fake or un-requested leads. They will never offer a refund of any kind of positive customer service. Terrible service and business model based on scamming people. Charged for leads even when I didn't want them.

Refused to refund me after several requests. Shocking behaviours. The fees are huge, charged without giving you any leads, even when client clearly tells you sgar. They steal they don't even recognise it as an error from their side real money from your credit card and then make "commercial gestures" as it was your own error and you owe them for their generosity by giving you virtual credit available for 30 days only.

Taking into account that qualified leads appear star of service australia their system once in a good shar and the next And online casino no deposit bonus keep winnings have is still to come for me - this is pure robbery.

So, in this case be sure to act fast and report the charge to your card issuer otherwise you'll never see your money. Their support is a parrot type, they don't care about the issue, they don't try to understand the shar or propose a solution, they copy-paste the answer which is believed by them to be a solution. And as a cherry on a cake they have system of fake reviews on their website where they free spins fair go casino reviews of customers to providers as reviews of their service and put this fake rating into the footer: StarOfService.

I signed up for Star of Service. Then I notice when you request a phone number and make up fake clients to stael personal information from you.

I got charged, out of nowhere, without me requesting or approving more information I got charged 35 euros. Star of service starofservice. Just stay away from this site.

I'm going to tell you how your money is stolen: The scam works like this: They offer to send you LOCAL potential clients for your service, so you subscribe indicating the category, services offered, address, city and country.

They have a functionality that allows you to accept and send messages only to those people in whom you have an interest, disabling the Turbo option that is active by default, to avoid paying for non-viable referrals It is called star reservationssince I am a real estate agent and before accepting a potential client, I am interested in knowing where the property star of service australia located, where fo owner is located, what type of property and operation it is Interest in Sale, Rent, Pf or Purchase.

And the worst thing is that they charge you directly against your registered payment method without having previously accepted such offers, since they are logically not in your free mobile casino no deposit bonus australia. I never accepted them or replied to the supposed interested clients since those prospects simply didn't serve me even though I disabled the Turbo option to examine them earlier.

What happened? It is NOT Reliable. Get away from there if you don't want to lose your money. I used StarOfService for more than a year and just wasted my http://dilugame.com/best/best-casino-signup-bonus.html and money for false contacts. I spent more than 1 euros and received only scam or phone numbers of people, who do this web page exist.

You pay for a "contact" and there is always a busy number, answer machine or someone who doesn't want to talk to you. Once a star of service australia voice responded that she actually works for StarOfService. You sent emails to so-called potential clients - they left without answer.

They deduct from your card your hard earned money saying you owe them for a phone number or email, which are str. Stay away from them! Avoid them at all cost! I'm with this service for more than a year. And then the list of perks goes on. But the price sfar a Premium was never mentioned! I've tried. Forgot to unsubscribe before it was expired and non deposit casino what - the morning servicr December they charge me !

EURO per 3 month for the Premium! The biggest crookery I've ever faced in my life! I will try to get this money back, but I doubt if this will ever work. You can message them on contact og. Share on Twitter. Add a note optional - star of service australia. Write a Review Ask a Question. Corporate Values. Overview StarOfService has a consumer rating of 1. Top Positive Review.

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