According to their no deposit mobile casino historyMicrogaming developed the first online casino software in However, the casino management tools and player tracking systems were not launched until implying that a fully functioning commercial online casino product was not, first web casino fact, around in Nipping at their heels were brothers Andrew and Mark Rivkin who, indeveloped a secure online financial visit web page system and founded a company now known as Cryptologic formally Inter.

Seeking a real world application of their brainchild, they set about developing some online casino software. A subsidiary, known as Wagerlogic, was article source up to licence the software, link to also handle player support.

Financial transactions were carried out by the companies payment processor, Ecash. With both companies now having a viable platform to run an online casino, the first branded online casinos made their appearance. But who came first? However, according to MicrogamingThe Gaming Club was not launched until The casino was exclusively for South African players and simply called casino. Players who wanted first web casino wager real money had to phone the casino to get an account number and password, and deposits were taken via credit card over the phone.

You can see a snapshot of the site below star trading hours the by using the way back machine.

Although as yet unconfirmed, it appears as though casino. The acquisition or renaming of casino. Note first web casino logo and copyright notice both refer to The Gaming Club. No deposit mobile casino announced completion of Intercasino Beta 1. In the statement they claim:. InterCasino is the first application of its kind.

Clearly the two contenders for first online casino are InterCasino and The Gaming Club, and both companies lay claim to this title — but who is correct? The answer first web casino comes down to how you define an online casino. We do not have the exact date click to see more casino. Unfortunately we are unable to check when the domain was first registered as it has since dropped and been re-registered and thus has a much more recent registration date.

It is feasible that the site was launched in making this is the website that Microgaming are referring to when they make reference to their first casino being established in As there is also evidence that casino. This means that The Gaming Club was likely the first site to offer online casino games for money under the name casino. Because we known Intercasino launched in and used the ecash system from day one, we can confidently say that Intercasino offered online account management and payments before Casino.

Or to put it another way, Microgaming the first company to offer real money gaming on the internet possibly as early asbut Cryptologic were the first company first web casino offer both casino games and an integrated online payment system in Developing The First Casino Software To run an online casino, you need online casino software — which is where we will begin.

Microgaming: The Gaming Club via Casino.

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