It would be unusual for anybody to hear the name Cleopatra and not have some image of her rule in Egypt. Cleopatra is one the best-known historical figures around the world. With a namesake inspired by the Egyptian ruler, the online slot game Cleopatra is one of free slots no download no registration cleopatra most recognizable slot machines in the world.

The Cleopatra slots have a distinct Egyptian themecomplete with classic Egyptian symbols and easily recognizable sounds and music. The original slot machine game, known simply as Cleopatra, became so widely played that a direct sequel to it was also created.

Cleopatra II and its predecessor are very similar in most ways. Both games are played with five reels and three spots per reel. Both games also offer a similar bonus game where a player can earn free spins with a multiplier. The reel symbols, while all clearly Egyptian, are how players might be able to tell the two games apart. Cleopatra uses a variety of classic icons most people would instantly recognize as Egyptian, but would otherwise know very little about.

Cleopatra II does away with all of these symbols and opts for a slightly more uniform set. In addition to these, each game casino land no deposit bonus has a Cleopatra symbol.

This symbol not only represents the top of the paytable, but also serves as a wild for all of the other symbols. Needless to say, having many Cleopatra symbols appear across the reels is the easiest way to win a lot of money. The Sphinx symbol is the key to winning lots of money in the Cleopatra slot machines.

Learn more here Cleopatra, the bonus game is triggered when at least three of the five reels feature a Sphinx symbol. There casino land no deposit bonus also an initial payout that depends on how many of the Sphinx symbols appeared on the spin that triggered the bonus game, up to x the bet for having all five reels show a Sphinx.

The bonus game starts with 15 free spins ; each spin is given a 3x multiplier. Cleopatra II ramps up the potential for big wins in its bonus game. Having more than three such symbols still results in a larger win on the triggering spin as well. Unlike Cleopatra, Free slots no download no registration cleopatra II awards a variable amount of free spins during its bonus game: between five and When the bonus game starts, the player will select from three thematically shaped sarcophagi each containing a different number of spins.

The selected sarcophagus — shaped like a Scarab, an Eye of Ra, or an Ankh an excitingly flavorful way for the game to begin — opens to reveal the number of spins the player is awarded at the start of the bonus game.

The more Sphinx free slots no download no registration cleopatra on the spin that triggered the bonus game, the higher the amount of free spins that can be initially awarded in this way. The unique aspect of the game happens at this point. Each spin in the bonus game has its own multiplierdetermined by how many spins have already occurred during that go here of the bonus game.

The first spin has a 1x multiplier like free slots no download no registration cleopatra normal spin in the gameand each subsequent spin will increase the multiplier by 1x. So the second spin will have a 2x multiplier, the third spin will have a 3x multiplier, and so on.

If a player lands three or more Sphinx symbols free slots no download no registration cleopatra the bonus game, the game will award additional free spins in the amount that was initially chosen from the sarcophagus.

In this way, a player can have spins with a 30x40xor even 50x multiplier attached to it. Understandably, the bonus games in Cleopatra slots are not easy to trigger.

With the infrequent potential for impressive wins, Cleopatra slots tend to have relatively high variance. The highly volatile nature of Cleopatra slots may deter some players, but slot gamblers are likely to embrace them. While this can lead to considerable losses fairly quickly, just one trigger of the bonus game can lead to wins even more substantial.

Either way, this fast action and drama certainly attract slot gamblers. Cleopatra machines combine an attractive themesolid gameplay and mechanics, and some unique aspects to create an immersive gambling experience. There are few slot machine options that can meet or exceed what Cleopatra machines offer. So long as willing customers are still looking to gamble, Cleopatra slot machines will have a place in casinos for those customers to try their luck.

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