Skip to main star casino address. Philadelphia Bed and Breakfast. Philadelphia Shopping. United States. Mississippi MS. Things to Do in Philadelphia. Silver Star Casino. Visit website. Native American casino offers round-the-clock gaming featuring 3, slots and table games.

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Very good. Kimberly S Birmingham, AL 1 contribution. I Had a Great time!! I've hit 2 Jackpots since since I started visiting the Casino years ago. I always win something. I enjoy the resort credit it comes in handy for purchasing food or at the gift shop. I enjoyed staying in the Hotel both at Silver Star Casino and the Golden Moon, the rooms were very spacious and clean, room service star casino membership great.

I found out later that I could use my resort credit to order room service, I didn't know that at the time, would have saved me a trip to the restaurants. I met this Lady name JoAnn Parker that works at Silver Star over the Phone she was the one of nicest people I had ever met, I would call from time to time just to see how she was doing I haven't had a Jackpot in a couple of years, So I star casino membership I'm due for star casino address soon. I really enjoy staying in the Hotel, I wish the Casino would review and update their accommodation policy for free or reduced rooms for people who Work so they will please click for source able to enjoy a free room on the weekends.

Thanks, Kimberly Smith. Dorothy Meeks 1 contribution. Shelby R 1 contribution. Star casino address to Vicksburg instead Was told to leave for not having the mask on enough while star casino address blackjack and sipping a drink. We have been coming here for years and the staff in general is not rude. However they rarely smile or come off as welcoming.

We will not come back and will now go to Vicksburg for the better environment and friendlier star casino address Stephinie P 1 contribution. Nasty Room. The hotel room was not clean when checked in. The floor had paper on star casino address and trash. The bathroom shower had hair in it and was not clean. I call the house keeper and complain to the supervisor and she sent someone up to clean the room and make the bed.

Ms P Meridian 2 contributions. Never win. I have been going for over 20 years and I have never won a jackpot. Unbelievable how greedy this place is. RShort Cedartown, GA 6 contributions. Star casino address came for our 37th Wedding Anniversary.

We have been coming to this Casino multiple times a year for many Years but this was our first visit since It started with the computer system down for at least 30 hours. You were not able to make a reservation or check in if you had one. We had to stay off site.

Not here. I walked around and this is star casino membership I observed with others play also. I have gambled in pretty much everywhere there is to Gamble. Lived in Las Vegas for 5 years. I know losing, and I know winning. I mean all the time.

Slots, Tables, video poker. I just couldn't believe it was that bad, but it WAS. Written December 25, Jonathan M 1 contribution. VIP 10 free spin jokes star casino address us.

I have visited this casino for several years. I quit coming for quiet a while and heard things were supposed to be continue reading better. I came for the vip treatment i had won 10 free pulls to win up to some grandage. Used to you could play for hrs earning points and such well be prepared to win maybe at the most there have not been any screaming going on unless you heard a craps or poker guy yell out after hrs of silence.

No big star casino address pots that i know of! On my visits anyway! And be prepared to be walked by and not even a how are ui smiled and as they pass i say have a great star casino membership to them because 80 percent of the employees look like they would rather be any where elsethey do not care star casino membership they treat you.

However there are some nice ones. They are rudesometimes very rude. If you like playing early in the morninglike i do watch out source the guys changing out the machines one tossed the boxes next to me and nearly hit me with itnever checked up to say oh pardon me.

And after spending 50 to hundred bucks a whack star casino address prepared to win 15 and 20 cents most of the time and when u do get a bonus where u used to hit big bucks you finally get one and win 12 17 bucks ,if u are really lucky you might win a hundred after star casino address 4 or 5!

I stayed for two days and one waitress asked me if i needed anythingi said sure could i have a watershe was holding one in her hand. The rooms are nicehowever i think they. Could replace the little cardboard thing you leave on the bed for changing the sheets out after it had spilled degree and crimckled up like And the watered down star casino membership left from star casino address last visitor.

But i didn't make a complaint at all. I loved this place for yearshave fun guys! I left depressed being around employees like this for two daysand the only ones that did was how do u want it back cashing your money out. But there are no long lines at the cash machine to cash in your winningsi wonder why! And still want u to conserve leaving notes out to remind you!

Hey guys i learned to conserve a long time ago and is a needed practicei just wonder what all these millions go to if they are worried fortune no deposit bonus the bills or something IDK!

But this one star casino address moving to my score of 0good luck. Kevin G 1 contribution. Worse casino. Written February 27, Enjoyable trip. We have been to star casino membership casino star casino membership several times. For the most part it is a good casino. Rooms are pretty clean and furniture is fairly new.

The buffet is good. Very star casino membership items.

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