Class Schedule. Community Service. Star City Canine Training Club is a Roanoke Valley based organization of dog enthusiasts formed with a mission to create 21dukes no deposit bonus code training opportunities in dog sports and activities compatible with responsible dog ownership. It is our intent to cooperate to advance the star city club of dogs and dog in our community through education in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

We look forward to your future participation! The field has long been used for agility classes, seminars and events, but just recently became property owned by the club. Congratulations to all involved in check this out the property for the club members to use, the field is a great asset to further our mission of providing excellent canine training in our community and is large enough to allow for two agility fields with lots of parking!

Money raised through class fees, events, and donations fund operating costs and help to support other nonprofit organizations.

Contributions to this organization are not tax deductible. She passed away on August 19, A champion for the well being and appreciation of all dogs, but your heart belonged to your beloved Irish Setters.

Rest In Peace Our Friend. Bob Hogan Dawne 3rd 21dukes no deposit bonus code to right.

8/4/2021 by Evett