The star club sydney aim to create a safe, welcoming space for the star club sydney children where they can feel a sense of belonging. We create a welcoming space for our children where they can feel a sense of belonging. Star Club values the positive influence peer and adult role models have on our children and make it central to our approach. Our educators commit to collaborating with children to provide meaningful play and leisure activities.

Children are encouraged to develop confident self-identities and engage in positive interactions with their peers. Creative play, sport and go here are set within a social context where opportunities allow children to explore, imagine, create and achieve. Wintingo no deposit bonus code Program We value choice, physical well-being, positive social interactions and creative expression.

Here Team Educators are positive mentors and strive to create strong connections. Community We work in partnership with children, families, the school and the extended community. Our partner program, All Star Learners offers a range of early childhood education and care click. The focus is on providing a safe, nurturing and enjoyable environment for the development of every child in our care.

We welcome children from years in our Http:// Years Care program and the All Star Learners Preschool program starts from 3, continuing to 6 years.

Hats may have been removed in some images for the purposes of photography. Contact us T: E: info starclubschools.

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